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Preparatory Course For Singapore – Cambridge GCE

(Advanced Level)

Take A Levels in 10 Months. Enter University!

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Our students have entered …

National University of Singapore
Singapore Management University
University of London
University of Tasmania
University of Buffalo
& other universities

4 Powerful Case Studies

– He failed JC promotion but achieved his A levels within 1 year. [Read]

– He dropped out from Polytechnic but got into University. [Read]

– She retook A levels twice but still failed to pass a key subject. She got into her choice undergrad course in 1 year. [Read]

– She dropped out of a top JC, was depressed but that didn’t stop her from getting into University. [Read]




Our satisfied students & parents


Just to say thank you and your team for helping Jonathan achieve such results…considering that he spent only 10-11 months, you all must have done a splendid job! – Parent of Jonathan (entered National University of Singapore)


From this short period of time, I have learned a lot and the center has helped me build up the knowledge I needed for my A levels. – Nellamae


Saloni Swaminathan Inspire Education Centre“Mr. Ho is honestly a wonderful teacher. He has gone beyond the call of duty and his guidance have brought me far. He is very patient and understanding. He never gave up on me and always have faith in my ability to succeed. Any student learning under him is definitely blessed. Thank you, Mr. Ho!”

– Saloni

Our dedicated teachers who truly care



Bernard Ng

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H2 Economics & H2 Management of Business  Specialist


Bernard Chen

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H2 History Specialist


Mr Yong

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H2 Mathematics Specialist


Mr Ho

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General Paper / Literature Specialist


Ms Chew

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English Language and Linguistics / Literature Specialist

INSPIRE’s A Level course

5 reasons why Inspire is the best choice for A Levels private candidate studies

11 years experience of nurturing students since 2007

Dedicated teachers who truly care

Small conducive class size

Progress reports & awards for good progress

Structured curriculum & lessons throughout the year

(no March/June holidays)

Students enrolling must

  • Have completed 10 years of formal education or high school / secondary education.
  • Be at least 17 years old on Jan 1st of the year of examination.
  • English language requirement of minimum C6 in GCE ‘O’ Level English or 5.5 scores in IELTS or equivalent

  • General Paper
  • H1/H2 Mathematics
  • H1/H2 Economics
  • H2 Management of Business
  • H1/H2 Literature in English
  • H2 English Language and Linguistics
  • H1/H2 History

^ Other subjects (e.g. Mother Tongue, Geography, Science (Theory / Practical) may be registered for the examination. Subject entry pre-requisites: H1 Mathematics: Minimum C for GCE ‘O’ Level Mathematics OR equivalent H2 Mathematics: Sat for GCE ‘O’ Level Additional Mathematics OR equivalent H1/H2 Literature & H2 English Language & Linguistics: Minimum C in GCE ‘O’ Level English and/or pass in GCE ‘O’ Level Literature OR equivalent H1/H2 History: Minimum B in GCE ‘O’ Level English and/or pass in GCE ‘O’ Level History/Elective History.

  • Jan 14 to Nov 17, 2019
  • Ongoing intake till May 2019

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